The VIP Coach is about Liberating Leaders and Saving Geniuses via Three Optional Formats

Four Zones of Mastery

Four zones

Zone 1 (Self) Personal Performance using the creative process to achieve creative freedom.
Tune ups: Focus, priority management, efficiency, boundaries, delegation, balance

Zone 2 (Earning) Enterprise Growth to achieve financial freedom.
Tune ups: Earning power, effective teamwork, organization, and leadership.

Zone 3 (Being) Whole Life Integration to realize operate from a sense of deep purpose, with greater involvement and enjoyment.
Tune ups: Free time, health, Enjoyment of Life, Personal Fulfillment, Conscious living

Zone 4 (Relating) Social Development to create greater value, enjoyment and involvement with others.
Tune ups: Emotional intelligence, Relational intimacy, Listening and Communication

Our End Goal – The Total Success Experience

The Finish Line is the Prosperity Zone™

The apex of all this is a combination of personal and wealth mastery, that when integrated gives rise to “THE PROSPERITY ZONE™” where spirituality and commerce can coexist for a better world. The summit of the climb to the prosperity zone is “inTen.”

When clients integrate enjoyment and involvement with life and those around them, they mine each experience as a powerful seed to their life building process. We call the infusion of these two qualities inTen™. Like vibrant roots and branches of a tree, they are symbolic of the roots of soulful self-expression, and the flourishing of a healthy tree that is growing and evolving.

The more you become yourself, the greater market value you open up. Integrating a four-fold way is to live your best life, be a great soul, make a big impact, and learn to receive. When leaders stay longer and listen deeper, they reach for these cornerstones as fundamental choices that organize every decision they make.


1  Dramatic increase in clarity and confidence about a bigger future than the past.

2  Significantly greater capacity to be present, with access to greater enjoyment and involvement in all aspects of life.

3  Sense of simplification and freedom to reflect, plan for the future, and bring about significant change that matters.

4  Multiplication of earning power and wealth creation from improving personal focus, relationship effectiveness, maximizing business opportunities, and fierce preparation and execution.

5  Significant sense of purpose and right livelihood in living on purpose in all aspects.