If you have $300k habits that is different than $1M habits.

Your habits = your future.

​​I have a challenge for you!

Focus like an obsession on these four habits and 3x your fun, your income, and your productivity within 12 months. These habits are field-tested by some of the best leaders in the world. But none of them move the needle without concentration and focus on them as the means of reaching key goals and aspirations.

In fact, these habits are your best remedy against the constraints of reactive behavior that outlaws and ambushes forward progress.

Download the 4 Habits pdf here: 4 Habits.pdf

Start here: reflect on the goals you achieved last year. Why were you successful? I’ll make a bet. You created them because 1) they mattered most, and 2) you executed well. If you created your goals, your priority management habits were the key to seeing your actions through and through.

You ask: “Hey Coach JD, what is priority management exactly?”

Priority management is self-management. The key to creating your goals is having a high level focus, state of mind, and boundaries. You organize your decisions around what does matter to you.

Priority management is dimensional. It’s about time as a space. What you put in it is your choice.

Priority management is about managing energy, not time.

Let’s break it down.

You have a forte. In French, “Forte” means superior skill. In music, it means the loudest volume. And like we did when we were kids, we built forts to last, with license to enter.

Everyone has a superior skill that gives them enthusiasm. If you look at why people have relationships with you, it’s a clue into what this sweet spot is for you. Just imagine focusing on these types of activities, it’d be explosive for you in terms of time to value.

What you put in front of you each day can either be busy or productive. If you’re too busy, make a decision to stop being busy. Instead, focus on the daily 6. When you link your 90-day priorities to your daily 6, it gives you the confidence that you’re on track.

Your ideal week is like a milk route. You time block activities to keep things focused, set boundaries, and do what you say. Triage your week Sunday night, look ahead, and align your priorities with your actions. Set aside days for preparation separate from selling.

Operate like a show business model with show days and rehearsal days to ensure you are focused. Take focused free time to rejuvenate and refill creativity for concurrent high performance. Fun and play that is designed keeps you young and vibrant, making you more enthusiastic with gratitude in ways that make you more attractive.

If you’re a “Gotta Minute Manager” everything you do is reactive. When you put out fires constantly it makes you an arsonist. Instead, set up ways to control interruptions by anticipating them and having workarounds in place to bypass the whirlwind.

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