As we begin creating 2023, we are presented with the wonderful gifts of reflection, assessment, and the ability to lay the groundwork for a truly amazing new year. I want you to enjoy the holidays, of course, but I also want you to set aside some important time to truly look back at this year, what you accomplished, and how that can guide for the year to come.

I’m asking you to schedule one day of retreat to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going.

To help, I’ve created the Annual Crossover Process, with 45 minutes of audio to guide you through the steps, a workbook to help you sort and document your thoughts. In the workbook, you’ll also find these 10 tips, core elements to help you balance both your reflections and your future goals:

  1. Think in terms of final desired outcomes.
  2. Know your current reality in relationship to them.
  3. That will form the best structure geared for real and lasting change.
  4. From that, create an action plan with due dates.
  5. Don’t have too many “resolutions” because that will lead to overwhelm.
  6. Choose a few that can be created quickly, within the first few weeks so you can generate some momentum.
  7. Manage the process directly.
  8. Learn, adjust, learn, adjust, learn as you engage in the process.
  9. Don’t take it personally, this is not about you but about the end results you are creating.
  10. Build foundation. The more you create, the more you are able to create.

You can find the workbook zip file below. After downloading, simply extract the file onto your desktop to access the fillable workbook.

Below is a link to the Annual Crossover Audio Presentation.

Take your time as you go through the workbook. Truly look inward to fill out each portion with honesty and intent. Let the audio guide your way of thinking, and put the plans in motion to celebrate this year’s wins, accept this year’s setbacks, and set the stage for taking on the next 12 months with openness, integrity, and tenacity.

Happy holidays!