Our Mission

Bring humanity back to organizations by helping leaders be more of themselves in service to others

Develop courageous leaders to create what matters to them and their organizations

Build unified teams suited with key leaders in the organization operating at their finest

Create learning communities where people feel connected to bring forth their best work

What is Possible with HLP

1 – Faster Enterprise Growth: Build a productive and profitable organization to build marketing leadership

  • Tune up my executive leadership team

  • Get my financial house in order

  • Systemize my organization to run without me

  • Develop a business vision and plan and implement it

  • Operationalize my business vision and plan

  • Design and deliver a one-of-kind client experience that eliminates the competition

2 – Greater Quality of Life: Create high margins in all my bottom lines of my life

  • Develop a deep sense or personal and organizational direction that aligns with your deepest values and aspirations
  • Learn how to choose, understand and connect with your
    highest future possibilities by being present

  • Create optimal health physically, spiritually, and emotionally to unlock your best potential

  • Structure high quality free time periods all year long for rejuvenation, relaxation, and balance

  • Radically simplify and remove heavy time wasters and distractions that you are tolerating

  • Adopt a healthy philosophy of life, learning and living by relating with experiences constructively

3 – Higher Personal Production: Character development and Growth as a Leader

  • Sharpen the creative habit of personal mastery to create what matters to me most

  • Focus my personal gift such that my relationships, team, and clients see the full opportunity of me

  • Parent my children as a coach such they’re on the path to creating a successful life

  • Design and live by a three year vision and plan to achieve it

  • Magnetically communicate as a talker and listen in effective ways to create great results

  • Manage my priorities such that my use of time is of the highest quality in service to create what matters most

4 – Better Relationships: Build rewarding value for my team, my personal relationships and my customers

  • Hire all-star performers that help me be a business owner, not an overwhelmed operator who owns a job
  • Delegate by developing your team to competency levels which authorize them without risk to take the lead

  • Convert ideal client relationships through transformative sales conversations that lead to greater financial returns

  • Develop an organizing process to energize everyone – your team, relationships, and customers reinforce their strengths to create the future they truly want

  • Innovate new and cutting edge solutions for clients through deep listening and transformative conversation techniques

Solutions for Individual,
Team, and Community Development

Our Business Coaching

For Individuals

The VIP Coach : Build your leaders.
Liberating Leaders, Saving Geniuses.
The 1 on 1 Coaching Program for business owners and their key leaders to pull it all together.

  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Sales Coaching

Our Executive Coaching

For Organizations

Build your organization get your leadership team coached. Consulting projects and Tools Training to develop high level performance competencies that position readiness for growth with executive and sales teams.

  • Modular Productivity Systems Trainings (MPST)
  • Compass Team Consults (CTC)
  • Large Change Initiatives (LCI)
  • Single and MultiRater Feedback
  • Org Development Projects
  • HR Plug and Play Systems

Executive Education

For Everyone

Quality in action leadership integration through small group work to position for change.

  • On-site Workshops
  • The Annual Crossover Event
  • The Summer Getaway Event
    • HLP Parents – the Parents Retreat
    • HLP Relationships – the Couples Retreat
  • Special Events
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • TeleCourses and Webinars
  • Live Streaming Online Courses

Intensive Series

First Class: VIP 1

  • $5495 PIF
  • Includes 24 weekly coaching sessions

Popular: VIP 2

  • $4495 PIF
  • Includes 18 tri-Weekly (3 per month) coaching sessions

Pace: VIP 3

  • $3295 PIF
  • Includes 18 tri-Weekly (3 per month) coaching sessions

Light Series

Accelerated: VL 1

  • $2795 PIF
  • Includes 24 weekly coaching sessions

Standard: VL 2

  • $2195 PIF
  • Includes 18 tri-Weekly (3 per month) coaching sessions

Pace: VL 3

  • $1695 PIF
  • Includes 12 bi-monthly (2 per month) coaching sessions





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